This project implements a system which records telemetry data and then overlays it on captured video.
It's called ViTeMBP for Video Telemetry for Mountain Biking Platform.
It is used here to add technical data to mountain biking footage:
The system includes hardware for capturing telemetry data and uploading it to a cloud server where it is presented in a web portal in real time.
Once the data capture is completed, you can use the web portal to upload video captured during the activity and it will be queued for processing.
The rendering servers will then automatically detect synchronization signals and render a data overly onto the uploaded video.
When this is finished the video is uploaded to a CDN where it is available for download and sharing.
Below is a gallery showing the system on a mountain bike.
Here are some screen shots of the web portal.
Below is a bit more technical info.
Starting with a diagram of the sensor data collection system.
This runs on the embedded computer mounted to the mountain bike.
Below is a diagram of how data is processed by the web portal and back-end processing servers.
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